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Rabbitfish are also known as dusky (S. luridus) and marbled (S. rivulatus) spinefoot. Dusky and marbled describe the patterned appearance of their grey-green to light-brown to yellow backs; spinefoot refers to their dorsal fins which present an encircling array of venomous spines to potential predators.

Siganus rivulatus, Siganus luridus


icon_fishWhat I eat

I am herbivorous: I eat benthic algae and weeds.

icon_globalWhere I’m from

I’m a subtropical fish and I reach the Mediterranean through the Suez canal.

icon_left_rightMature size

12 cm – 14 cm.



icon_helpHow you can help

I’m abundant, but I’m not popular in restaurants or in local cuisine, so only fishers and locals eat me. Choosing me can help to reduce fishing pressure on the most consumed species, such as groupers, and support the livelihoods of local fishers.

Idea how to cook


with potato and seasonal greens

by Mustafa Eriş